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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I signed up for an account and its not letting me Login!! Help!!!

  • Answer 1: PreDDS.INFO and PreDDS.NET are two separate sites. If you create an account and login to PreDDS.NET this account information will not work for PreDDS.INFO. If you create an account on PreDDS.INFO and try to use that account information to login to PreDDS.NET it will not work, you must create a separate login for each site, and use those credentials to login to the respective site.
  • Answer 2: If your computer or web browser crashes while you are logged into this website the system will "think" you are still logged in for about 15-20 minutes, so you will not be able to log in during that time period. So its a good idea to log out before you leave this website in case your web browser or computer crashes.
  • Answer 3: Try again in 15-20 minutes, and make sure you log off before exiting PreDDS.INFO.

2. The Videos Won't Show up.

  • Answer 1: Some versions of Internet Explorer will not display the videos. Try google chrome or Firefox web Browsers (We have not had any problems reported with the firefox web browser).
  • Answer 2: Do you have the latest versions of Adobe FlashPlayer and Adobe Shockwave? If not the videos may not display, download and test them here.

3. How do I purchase the videos?

  • You need a paypal account to purchase the videos.

4. I purchased the videos where can I find them?

  • Answer: Look under the "Purchased Products" Menu, and click "Purchased PAT Tests & Videos", then click on your purchased package, all your available videos and tests will be displayed.

5. I purchased the videos but I still don't have access to the videos.

  • Answer 1:Your payment may not have gone through, check your paypal account under the payments sent page to see if your payment went through, upon purchase you will instantly see the purchase documented there. If no purchase was documented then follow the steps of purchasing the product.
  • Answer 2: See number 4

6. Every time I enter my username and password the website does not sign me in but instead it seems like the website is just refreshing.

  • Answer 1: The website employs a "Multiple Login" protection. If someone is logged in using your username or password you will not be able to login, your page will just refresh.
  • Answer 2: If your computer or web browser crashes while you are logged into this website the system will "think" you are still logged in for about 15-20 minutes, so you will not be able to log in during that time period. So its a good idea to log out before you leave this website in case your web browser or computer crashes.

7. Can I ask Ross a specific PAT question such as a PAT problem I am having trouble with?

  • Yes, we can answer any specific PAT Question at the "Forums" under the "Support" Menu.
  • Users who have purchased the videos will get priority in answering questions.

8. Can I only Purchase a select few videos?

  • No, Currently you must purchase the whole package.

9. I purchased the Videos, when can I expect to receive my products in the mail?

  • You don't receive anything by mail, the videos are available instantly under the "Purchased Products" tab to the left by clicking the link "Purchased PAT Tests and Videos", once you complete your purchase. You must be logged into the account used to purchase the videos to access them.

10. Can I purchase the videos for one month only at a discounted rate?

  • No, Currently we don't have a subscription plan like that in place.

11. I am trying to register but I keep getting error messages! Help!

  • Usually this problem is caused by a conflict with your web browser, try using Mozilla Firefox, or a different web browser.

12. My Videos keep freezing whenever I watch them.

  • This problem is due to a slow internet connection or a shared connection with lots of use, users who have high speed internet will never have this problem. Some things you can try are:
  • Press pause and allow the videos to download, a progress bar shows how much the video has downloaded, if your video plays past the download point your video will pause to allow downloading to catch up.
  • Try not to have any downloads or anything that eats up bandwidth go on when the videos are playing, this uses up more bandwidth resources and causes the videos to freeze if they aren't downloaded to the point you have them played.

13. The images are really small and I can't see them very well.

  • There are two reasons this problem can occur, you are using a device with a small monitor, or your screen resolution is really high. Some fixes include:
  • Decrease your screen resolution, this will make everything displayed on your screen look bigger, which will help you view the images.
  • Use a bigger monitor, bigger monitors will display bigger images, if you are using a little netbook to take the quiz, you will have some problems, try using a computer with a bigger monitor.
  • Note: The free practice Test will have the exact size of the images you will see on the paid practice test.

14. Were can I see the Answers to the Practice PAT Tests and my previous test results?

  • Go to PreDDS.INFO, log in under the username you used to purchase the quizzes, and in the left-hand side you will see a menu called "Purchased Products", right below that you will see a link called "Previous Test Results", click that and you will be directed to all the previous tests you have taken, the results, and answers!

15. How can I determine my projected DAT score with these quiz results?

  • To determine your projected DAT PAT score you should record how many questions you got right on your practice PAT test. Then you should go to:


    Download the pdf, and go to page 65. Once there compare the amount of questions you got right to the number under the PAT column, then move to the left to find your projected score, this is probably the most accurate way to determine your PAT score, although many customers have told me there PAT score is usually 1-2 points higher than this number, because our tests tend to be a little harder than what is on the real DAT.

16. No one is responding to me when I submit a message to the "Contact Us" Page.

  • Please check your Junk E-mail Folder, sometimes our support e-mails will go to your spambox.
  • Please allow up to 72 hours for a response.
17. I cannot see the timer on the timed tests what do I do?
  • If the timer cannot be seen the user must minimize and resize the window in which their test is being displayed in. Then the timer will appear.

16. My question still isn't answered, who can I contact?

  • You can click the contact button, or e-mail  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Last Updated on Monday, 07 January 2013 20:32